Salt Water Pool

saltwater-pool2Salt water system in a pool is most often considered by owners the best thing they have ever done for their pool. If you already have a salt system you get a high five from us! You already know all about the benefits of a salt water system so just call us to keep it working if it needs some love. Salt water systems are some of the most effective pool systems in the business of pool building and repairs. Salt water systems are more efficient at cleaning operating systems in your pool, like the filter, the pumps, and lines.

If you are interested in keeping your pool well functioning and operational in all conditions, then you should really consider having a saltwater system installed in your pool. The way the salt reacts to the other chemicals in the pool, allows them to distribute more effectively throughout the pool, and keep more standard operating levels of chlorine and the other chemicals that make your pool healthy and safe to swim in. Salt water systems are key to developing a high-quality environment in which to enjoy your pool.

Let me teach you a little bit about salt generators they do cost a little more than the regular chlorine system upfront but like they say you get what you pay for. So a saltwater pool system can cost as low as only $800 but that’s nothing to worry about because in the long run, it will be a lot cheaper. Chlorine pools can cost up to 3 times more than a salt system to run each year! Start living the life of luxury call us to get started.

Easier to take care of your pool

Are you tired of always having to put more chlorine and acid in your pool almost every week to keep your pool water perfect? Well, when you install a salt water system most of this maintenance is no longer needed! So instead of checking your pool chemicals every week with a salt system you only have to do it a couple of times per year! Yeah, you read that right it isn’t a typo you only need to check your salt in your pool a few times each year. This is beneficial if you have a pool in your backyard that you don’t use often or even if it is a commercial pool that gets used every day, having a salt water system will save you money without the extra hassle.

Water in a salt based pool

The water in a saltwater swimming pool does have some salt but not as much as the ocean. Estimates say that the salt in your pool is only about ten percent of what you would find in the ocean. If you like floating in your pool or even swimming laps in the pool it will become much easier because the added salt compared to just chlorine will make you float much easier! The salt in the system allows the chlorine in your pool to produce a faster reaction, and thus helping you keep a more stable level of chlorine in the pool to ensure its health. Salt water systems are easy to install, and simple to maintain. We install the attachments to your filter and pumps so that they produce the best quality of benefits for your pool, and make it the most enjoyable for you.