Pump and Heater Repair

If your swimming pool is located in Central Texas and is giving you issues such as a broken pool pump or heater, contact Endless Blue Pool and Spa. We offer swimming pool and spa pump and heater repairs at affordable prices.

Swimming Pool and Spa Pump and Heater Repair

A pump system is the key piece of equipment connecting the filter system and heater. It cycles the water through tubes and ports to make the pool/spa function properly. You’re not likely to enjoy the experience of taking a dip in your swimming pool or spa nearly as much as you would if you had a functioning heat pump to control the temperature of the water.

Whether you need to cool down on those hot summer days, or heat up on those cool winter nights, Endless Blue Pool and Spa has you covered. Call us today to see how we can help you get your pool back to all its glory and we can keep your pool running perfectly all year long.

At Endless Blue Pool and Spa, we’re committed to being the best at what we do by not just meeting our client’s expectations, but exceeding them. We are fully licensed and backed by years of professional pool and spa repair experience.

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